'Very Forward' attempts to characterize shifts in understanding, belief, and observation that occur during significant changes in our lives. Surrealism and abstraction are used to convey this concept.

"So What" by Matt Capucilli"Put Together" by Matt Capucilli"jme" by Matt Capucilli"Break" by Matt Capucilli"Conviction" by Matt Capucilli"Claw" by Matt Capucilli"Choice" by Matt Capucilli"Lashing Out" by Matt Capucilli"Whine" by Matt Capucilli"Inspection" by Matt Capucilli"Elena" by Matt Capucilli




Matt Capucilli's sophomore effort attempts to tackle an interesting human phenomenon. When offered insufficient insight into another person, the mind is curious enough to generate that human's personality. Since our perceptions are based on our individual experiences, we mold the subject to fit our desires.

"Composure" by Matt Capucilli "Jewelry" by Matt Capucilli "Daydream" by Matt Capucilli "On Fire" by Matt Capucilli "Rogue" by Matt Capucilli "On Fire (Revised)" by Matt Capucilli "That's Right" by Matt Capucilli "Good Point" by Matt Capucilli




Flower Girls is an exploration of a simple and timeless concept: beauty. Matt Capucilli's striking and unmistakable portraits define the attractiveness of women. Subjects are presented in a clear and unapologetic format. The 15-piece series is currently collected by several patrons and displayed throughout New York City, London, and Syracuse.
"Heather" by Matt Capucilli"Heather Lying" by Matt Capucilli"Chantal" by Matt Capucilli"Elissa" by Matt Capucilli"Maria" by Matt Capucilli"Chanti" by Matt Capucilli"Maria" by Matt Capucilli"Ellie" by Matt Capucilli"Elspeth" by Matt Capucilli"Black and White" by Matt Capucilli"Values" by Matt Capucilli"Colorful" by Matt Capucilli"Ellie Sitting" by Matt Capucilli"Gozde" by Matt Capucilli